Denise Hayes Davies
Canine Physiotherapy
What to expect

Making an appointment.

Animals need to be referred by your vet before any advice or treatment can be commenced. This can be in either a letter or completed referral form
Once you have this we can book an appointment. 

When you attend for an appointment we will talk through the history of the problem and refer to any tests or surgery that may have been undertaken by your vet.  If your dog has had X-rays and your vet is happy for you to bring them with you then that is a great help.

The assessment usually includes  history taking  physical examination, analysis of gait and measurements.


Every patient is treated as an individual whether they have 2 or 4 legs. The treatment plan will be discussed at the end of the first session and owners are a key part of this. Most vets and veterinary physiotherapists agree that the ultimate success of any animals’ treatment is heavily reliant on the good owner compliance and participation.

As an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist Denise uses a wode range of manual and exercise techniques to achieve the therapeupic outcomes she requires.  Treatments may include

  • Manual Therapies 
    • joint mobilisations
    • Myofascial release/trigger point therapy/acupressure
    • massage/swelling/scar tissue reduction
    • Neuromotor facilitation or inhibition techniques
    • Stretches / scar tissue remodelling
  •  Therapuetic/Remedial Exercises  as indicated for
    • strength,
    • flexibility
    • stamina/conditioning
  •   Thermal treatments
    • Heat/ cold/ icing
  • Electrotherapy
    • NEMS: Neuromuscular electrical stimulation
    •  Ultrasound
    • Laser
  •       Neurological techniques
    • Retraining of movement after paralysis/weakness
    • Facilitation techniques to prompt return of normal movement and tone
    • Management of weakness and sensation loss
    • Movement and handling  for owners
    • Proprioception re-education and challenge exercises

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